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Re: [IPk] differing carb requirements

Am I really that odd?  For 9 days breakfast is a slice of toast and half
a can of tinned tomatoes, but then on day ten three slices of toast and
a can of baked beans are called for.  But if you almost always have
exactly the same breakfast, then altering the basal (i.e. making part of
the basal a bolus) would work.
With my kind of foodstyle, I need to separate out basal and bolus - and
life has been so much easier since I have.  Now all I need is the pump
so I can get lots of basal in the night and none in the afternoon (a
very common pattern, but unachievable with current insulins - although
I've never tried a slowed down actrapid).

On another point - I just re-read Dr Pickup's balance article, where he
says pumps do nothing for those with erratic bgs (sorry if the
paraphrase introduces an error).  He seems to equate bouncing bgs with
frequent ketoacidosis.  I get lots of high bgs (I once had three days in
which my bgs did not go above 12!) most days I get one reading in the
high teens or low 20s.  But I rarely get any ketones in my urine.  When
I do, it's usually after a low, not after a high.  Does anyone know what
Dr Pickup is talking about when he says that diabetics with frequent
ketoacidosis don't see any improvement?  Did the pumpers here who used
to have bouncing bgs have frequent ketoacidosis?  Or just frequent

Best wishes to all,


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email @ redacted writes
>Does anyone else here have differing carb requirements at different times
>of the day?  At present I'm still on 15g per unit at breakfast, but
>otherwise it seems like I might need to move up to 17g.  Of course, I'd
>rather reset my basal rate!  I'm just looking for input, because this is my
>first pumping month and I need to track this for a while.
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Pat Reynolds
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