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Re: [IPk] Pump problems / Minimed

>If ever you get an error code or problem with a MM pump , I recommend that
>you perform a self test .
>This feature is available in the newer generation pumps [ 507 , 507C , 508 ]

What the self-test function does *not* tell you is whether you have an
intermitent fault with the battery connection. A loose wire, say, or some
grit on the surface of a battery. Intermittent problems - the worst sort!
If the pump looses all power, no alarm goes off, as there is no power to
power the alarm.

Disetronic get round this problem (I believe) by having 2 separate battery

The email elizabeth got from MiniMed seemed to suggest that you should
check that the batteries were clean, so there is not risk of a poor
electrical contact.


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