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Re: [IPk] iv correction bolus

>"unnecessary"?  Hmmm... how do they know? It's interesting how the
>standards doctors aim for in their patients steadily increases over the

Well, I think it depends how important it is for *you*. I'd be interested
to know about the very high BG thing and whether it's safe to use in that
way in those circumstances. If not, then personally I wouldn't be
particularly interested. I can almost always get my BG down to about 8 from
anything less than 15 in 30 mins. with a couple of units, so I don't see the
need. But a doctor's definition of necessary is often very different from
the patient's.....

>I have a similar problem: sometimes I *cannot* eat with a bg over 10. My
>stomach just says no thank you, and I sit there staring at the food on my
>plate, waiting for the correction bolus to do it's job - which may take 60
>minutes :-( although I do find a normal Humalog injection works faster in
>that situation than a bolus through my infusion set.

I don't understand that one at all. Why should it work faster, unless it's
because there's a problem with your site/set? I'm not saying it doesn't for
you (doesn't seem to for me), but I'm just curious. Any theories, or is it
just one of the mysteries of life?

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