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RE: [IPk] iv correction bolus

>I couldn't imagine it working well for basal rates - particularly with
>your sport Di? Are you proposing more freedom by carrying your pump for
>basals, then giving IV for meals (with the tourniquet-arm band, syringe,
>wipe, vial of insulin, etc..)?

Julette - No one is suggesting taking iv insulin for meals: in fact, I
specifically highlighted how dangerous and pointless that would be in my
original post. We're talking about bringing down a high bg.

>I think pump sounds easier - particularly
>with meals out..... please pass the salt...oh and the sharps bin....

How does that differ from a normal pen injection? And I tend to use a
needle clipper rather than a sharps bin.

>I know of some patients who change their
>needles every 2 or 3 months.

But they do that because they can. When I was diagnosed in 1977, I used a
new disposable needle every time, as I was told to. Then it was discovered
that you could reuse needles with no increase in infection rate - and that
skin swabbing was of no clinical benefit. And now it is shown that you can
inject through clothing without increasing infections. Strange how practice
is so often ahead of theory!

>being untrained to give IV does not stop drug users
>from doing it etc..

Are we not drug users?


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