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Re: [IPk] iv correction bolus

>Sorry, I sent that last mail before I'd finished. What I was going to add
>was that in most cases, I guarantee you'd get the response that "it's
>unnecessary". Personally, i think in terms of overall control, it's
>unnecessary - particularly as it's not considered a good idea to bring down
>a VERY high BG quickly (something to do with the balance of electrolytes in
>the blood, I believe?)

"unnecessary"?  Hmmm... how do they know? It's interesting how the
standards doctors aim for in their patients steadily increases over the
decades... Look how far we've come: original aim was to eliminate diabetic
symptoms: weight loss, ketones, polyuria. Then they discovered comps -
we're talking 1930's here. These seemed to be linked to high bg's, so
doctors tried to lower the bg's as much as possible. Then real adventurers
allowed their patients to test their *own* bg's - and, gosh, aim for
near-normal bg levels. Then pumps came along, and people were allowed
adjust their own bg's "on the fly". IV injection is just the logical
progression of this. Who knows whether they will suddenly discover in 20
years time that a bg over x for more than y minutes increases the risk of
complications by z? - and then they'll be telling us to high those highs

> - but it would make life easier. For example, if my
>Bg is above 10, I will wait to eat until it goes below, if at all possible.

I have a similar problem: sometimes I *cannot* eat with a bg over 10. My
stomach just says no thank you, and I sit there staring at the food on my
plate, waiting for the correction bolus to do it's job - which may take 60
minutes :-( although I do find a normal Humalog injection works faster in
that situation than a bolus through my infusion set.


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