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Re: [IPk] re: basals after eating

>Is it really possible to have this and not have any of the usual symtoms
>apart from lowered bgs?

I have no idea, Paul. However, there are people who have had gastroparesis
and been completely unaware. So I would guess that it is possible. Probably
not likely, but possible. It can affect people to varying degrees. For
example, it might be that in your case, the carbs are absorbed in a regular
way, but just a little late. If you don't think Humalog works particularly
fast for you (try the expt and see) then this might be the case. So, the
obly symptoms might be hypos directly after eating. However,
I will not pretend to be an expert on the subject of gastroparesis, since I
know little about it except what I've read in a couple of books.

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