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Re: [IPk] ick. ick ick ick (blood in cannula)

>There was blood in my cannula when I took a set out this morning.  As I said
>in the subject line, ick!  This was the first time I had it.  Does blood in
>the cannula mean you got a vein when inserting the set?

I very occasionally get this - probably about once every 2 or 3 months.
You've nicked one of the tiny blood vessels under the skin. Yes - change
it. The blood in a bruise under the skin gets isolated, broken down and
carried off by the lymphatic system, and the insulin mixed with it will
possibly never enter the blood stream.

Hard to describe, but sometimes when I am inserting an infusion set by
hand, after it's gone in a few millimetres, I can "feel" that it is not
right. Not painful, but just not "right". I take it out, move half an inch
and do it again. It's just possible that this is what it feels like to be
hitting or getting close to a blood vessel.

Of course, if you use a SofSerter insertion gun, or if you use Emla pain
killing cream, or if a doctor or parent does it, you don't have the benefit
of the "it's not right" feedback...


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