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Re: [IPk] re: basals after eating

>What is gastroparesis?
Basically, delayed stomach emptying. There is a very small paragraph on it
in the Pumping Insulin book, if you have that. It's caused by damage to
the nerves, and can mean that the insulin is absorbed faster than the
food, with the result that you go low after eating and then high later (as
the carbs kick in after the insulin has been absorbed.

 > >> Either that or
you are eating low GI foods/high protein/fat meals. > >What are GI foods? 

GI stands for Glycaemic Index. See http://www.mendosa.com for a good
explanation. The glycaemic index is a scale which measures how much a food
raises your BG, and how fast (indirectly). For examples, potatoes have a
high GI, and tend to be absorbed very quickly, whereas things like
milk have quite a low GI. There's a basic  list in the back of the Pumping
Insulin book.  If you eat foods with low GI, your insulin may peak before
the action of the carbs takes effect. Same for high protein/fat foods.
It's probably not the cause of your problems  but it's a possibility.
What is a "normal" diet? - I would love to know :-)

 > >What do you mean by
"humalog works very fast for me"? How do you measure >this? 

How do you think? Take some Humalog, and see how long it takes to bring
your Bg down! In theory it takes 15 mins. to work. For me it can take as
little as 5. So, it works fast for me.

  >Why do you
reckon there is something out of the ordinary going on?

Because it's not normal to have your insulin work so much faster than the
carbs, unless for one of the reasons I've mentioned, or another reason I
haven't thought of.

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