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Re: [IPk] pumps and dangerous sports

On Wed, 10 May 2000, you wrote:
>I'm not sure about all this dangerous sports stuff - it sounds a bit risky
>to me.!!! (I'm recently into gliding myself - nice and safe 2000ft up and no

I used to go paragliding, though I haven't been with a pump. You get a
wonderful sense of freedom up there.
 Except when you land a bit too close to a wall, or on top of a rather
surprised sheep :-)

 >MiniMed have recently
introduced a sports harness, this is worn like a (very >small) rucksack,
under the clothing. This means the pump is held in the >small of the back,
but only in a soft pouch. This is probably not much help >for this wierd
football game where you are liable to be thumped everywhere >it seems, but
may be of use for other active sports where strong body >contact is not

I think that's what I was thinking of.
Strange though it may seem, you're not likely to get hit in the back.
The ball isn't thrown at all, so the only time it hits you is when you're
lying on the floor, in which case you should be facing the ball, as your
back would be to the wall. Though of course other people bashing into you
is a bit of  a danger.

I'd be interested to try it and see if it works, if noone else has a more
pressing need for it!

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