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RE: [IPk] pumps and dangerous sports

On Wed, 10 May 2000, you wrote:
>spots for pumps in sport...
>	[Julette Kentish]  di - sounds like you're involved in
>everything... sounds fun though. Perhaps try a small plastic box with a
>hole in its side and then hidden in a sports bra. 

Hmm, "make your own sports guard". Maybe you should be a Blue Peter
presenteer, Julette :-)

 Or what about
>disconnecting - is it feasible?

As I said in my last 2 posts, not really, because I'd have to reattach
and bolus, and I always find that tricky getting it right.
Basically, bolusing in place of a basal is difficult to get right, because
of course the timing goes awry. Either you're bolusing in advance, in
which case I'm likely to go low first, or trying to play catchup with
the bolus, which is usually too late. And combining this with exercise (and
the problems I have with insulin being absorbed fast as a result) makes it
 Anyone else find this or is just me?
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