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Re: [IPk] RE: third week of the pump starts tomorrow

>Thanks for your concern. I'm actually quite a sophisticated carb counter.  I 
>also cover protein.  That hasn't caused me any problems (yet): my problem 
>has been covering slow acting, high protein Indian food with humalog and 
>going to bed without doing a square wave to cover protein - mainly because 
>I'm petrified of night time hypos because they completely wreck me, so I 
>seem to have unconsciously chosen to risk a high instead.
I'm the opposite. Night time highs wreck me, especially if I don't wake up.
Night time hypos just mean I can't go back to sleep after I've treated it
(too much adrenalin I guess).

>I have used my square wave function, and will certainly be using it in 
>future whenever I eat Indian!  I'm also giving up pakoras at night (and 
>panir), because the protein has always wrecked me.

Well, now you know about the protein, you could try covering it with a
small increase in basal, and working on from there. Or, eating earlier in
the evening and going to bed late.

 >Unfortunately, a pump
can't help you differentiate between exhaustion and  >hypo symptoms, and
that got me a number of times. >

bring on the instantly readable 24 hour glucose monitor :-)
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