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[IPk] RE: third week of the pump starts tomorrow

Hi Estelle -

Thanks for your concern. I'm actually quite a sophisticated carb counter.  I 
also cover protein.  That hasn't caused me any problems (yet): my problem 
has been covering slow acting, high protein Indian food with humalog and 
going to bed without doing a square wave to cover protein - mainly because 
I'm petrified of night time hypos because they completely wreck me, so I 
seem to have unconsciously chosen to risk a high instead.

I have used my square wave function, and will certainly be using it in 
future whenever I eat Indian!  I'm also giving up pakoras at night (and 
panir), because the protein has always wrecked me.

My other hypo related problems were caused by the madness of moving.  I've 
done much better than I could have, I think, because of the fabulous 
temporary basal function, which is what I love most about my pump.  
Unfortunately, a pump can't help you differentiate between exhaustion and 
hypo symptoms, and that got me a number of times.

ah, the joys of diabetes.

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