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[IPk] Re: pumps and dangerous sports

On Tue, 09 May 2000, you wrote:
>When I still played the occasional game of Rugby I always took the pump off.
>The standard game being 80 mins and I never had a problem. 

I do that for shorter periods of time, but I find that much longer than an
hour and I start going high.

>In your particular circumstances , you perhaps should consider wearing a
>chest protector as worn by Lacrosse goalkeepers. My sister played in goal at
>County level and I think you could hide a pump in the protector she wore.

I played lacrosse at county level too (Surrey) - and I played in goal for a
couple of years, although I didn't enjoy it much. So I'm familiar with the
protectors. it's not really an option for goalball - the most you get is
shin pads - though I'm sure I'm going to end up with at least a black eye
before long, not to mention the possibility of never having children :-)
I remember hearing about someone who managed to wear the pump in the small
of the back - was that Eleanor? - that might be an option as you are always
facing the ball. I don't know how they did it though.it would have to be
something pretty secure.
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