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[IPk] re: basals after eating

Paul wrote:
>I find a basal after eating works much better in terms of levels and
>convenience - i.e. you know exactly how much to bolus for. Actually my
>absorbtion seems to be very fast - most of the time I square wave over half
>an hour for a meal up to 50g carb and one hour for 50-100 etc. etc. I make
>adjustments depending on the type of carbs and what I plan to be doing
>after the meal. Very much a trial and error process. All this experimenting
>bagan when I couldn't eradicate the post meal hypos with straight boluses
>even after the meal. Anyone else square wave most of the time?

I wonder if you have a slight degree of gastroparesis? That would account
for the hypos after eating (because the food is absorbed very slowly).
Either that or you are eating low GI foods/high protein/fat meals.
I use a square wave after meals for low GI foods and occasionally for high
-protein/fat ones. But for "normal foods" I don't need to, and Humalog
works very fast for me. It sounds as if there is something slightly out of
the ordinary going on.
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