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Re: [IPk] Weight & Pump usage; Spikes & Pump usage

>I went to the clinic yesterday - to again try and persuade them on the pump.
>My basic problem is not by HbA1c, but my range - basically my average is
>fine (6.2%) but my range is too broad!  I have a lot of lows and  quite a
>lot of spikes.  They have advised me to get rid of the lows and the highs
>will go and not to take any extra insulin for a high blood sugar if not
>caused by extra food!  I am willing to try this, though feel a bit
>sceptical, but will try.   Has anyone found that the pump has helped smooth
>out peaks and troughs?

Hi Audrey -

Like you I had a history of "good" HbA1c (6%ish), but completely unstable bg's.

Before I started on the pump, my consultant put me on a strictly-no-hypos
regime for a month. He felt I was "over insulinised". Essentially I reduced
all my insulin by 25%. The result was a disaster. I had constantly high
bg's, and seemed to end up with mild depression.

On the other hand, I know others who have successfully reduced their
insulin with positive results. I think there may be a clever way to do it -
gradually I think. Perhaps you have to increase the body's insulin
sensitivity without dramatically increasing the bg.

However, when I started on the pump, my bg's for the first time in my life
would "sit steady". They are not perfect - diabetes is not like that - but
when they go out of target range I can usually see why (with the benefit of

But I appreciate your scepticism.

>In addition, I am trying to lose weight - boy is it a struggle.  Has anyone
>found that the pump has made it possible to lose weight?

Yes :-) I was somewhat portly a few years back (when I was on human
insulin). I lost some weight without trying when I switched back to pork
insulin. Then when I started on the pump my weight droped a little more and
has stayed steady ever since.


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