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[IPk] third week of the pump starts tomorrow

My second week pumping was eventful.  We looked for a house, we agreed the 
sale of a house, we taught my nephew to cycle, we waited futilely for the 
police after a racist attack in a park, we packed, we moved to the front 
room of my partner's mother's house.

What was best about the week:  I didn't have to inject!  It's such a pain 
injecting on the run.  Pressing a button is much simpler.  I also have more 
confidence in my ability to predict my blood sugars on a bizarre and 
unpredictable diet, which is a big change from the past few months, when I 
couldn't really predict morning sugars even on a fairly stable diet.

The temporary basal rate was also a big highlight.  I think I would have had 
many more hypos than I did if I didn't have that feature.

What was worst about the week: The hypos - nine in a six day period.  Some 
of these were due to rubbish food that I didn't eat and then forgot to turn 
down my basal rate to compensate for some of the unused insulin.  Some of 
them were due to distraction and tiredness.  I wasn't very impressed with 

The triumph of the week:  went to the chipper for tea last night.  Usually a 
disaster!  However, I had seven units of insulin, and 1 1/3 bags chips, 2 
onion rings, and a veggie burger without the top of the bun (thankfully my 
cholesterol's okay).  BG at 6.58pm when I started to eat:  6.8.  BG at 
9.23pm:  6.8  I was very impressed.  Unfortunately, it means I'll be more 
likely to risk a bag of chips in future...

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