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Re: [IPk] Weight & Pump usage; Spikes & Pump usage

Hi Audrey,

This seems to be history repeating itself!

I was Diagnosed Type 1. October 1987 following severe pancreatitus.

Initially on two injections a day (mixed). Blood Glucose levels very poor
with average Fructosamine levels of 3.31%

Changed to the Pen system in January 1991 using Humulin S & Humulin I on
four injections a day. This gave slightly better control with Fructosamine
levels of 2.73% but this had risen to 2.82% by July 1991.

I remained on this regime until November 1996, with HbA1c readings of:

Mar 1994.  7.4
Jul 1995.  5.9
Oct 1995   6.2
Mar 1996  5.8
Sep 1996  6.0

On 11 November 1996 I changed to Humalog and Humulin I on four injections a
day until 21 Apr 1998 when I began to have an additional Humulin I injection
at lunchtime, this improved my night time control which had been poor. My
HbA1c readings for this period were:

Mar 1997  5.6
Oct 1997  5.4
Feb 1998  7.7
Aug 1998  6.0
May 1999  6.7

In February 1996 I began to develop complications, firstly Retinopathy in my
left eye and then in 1997 Neuropathy in my right thigh together with nerve
damage and tumours on the spine, all, according to the specialist, diabetes

As I had been told by my diabetes team that I was well controlled, I began
to wonder why and soon realised that although my HbA1c percentages were
excellent, they had been achieved by large swings in blood glucose levels. I
believe this to have been the cause of my complications.


Being on 5 injections a day meant a strict regime and regimented mealtimes.
This strict regime turned me into a recluse, my social life became non
existent, never wanting to go anywhere with friends, because it would mean
eating late and I never knew what to do about my evening injection, which I
normally took at about 6.30. I also needed carbohydrates at about that time,
or I would go low, so I had to decide, how small a snack could I have and
how much insulin to take, knowing that I would be having another injection
later in the evening which, I knew from experience, would meet with my
overnight injection, resulting in a bad low in the night.

My Hypo awareness at this time was around 2.6.

Also I did not feel well, I became jaundiced, was sluggish, always tired and
very irritable.  I have always enjoyed an active life, playing golf and
walking but it became too much of an effort.  By the afternoon I was
exhausted and needed to sleep for a couple of hours.

Because of my complications I was trying to keep my blood sugars low which
meant I very often went hypo, so I would feed the insulin which resulted in
weight gain, my weight rose to 89 kilos and I was always hungry.


Then my life changed. On 29 June 1998 I went on the pump.

The first thing I noticed was a freedom to eat when I liked, or not at all.
This resulted in a weight loss almost from day one. Two years on I weigh 75

I no longer have to follow a strict regime and have started to go out with
friends again and enjoy meals out, at whatever time they are. In fact I
recently went to Greece, and the pump coped with erratic mealtimes and the
Greek food marvellously.

The Pump is far more convenient, I can press a button and deliver insulin at
the table instead of  going to the toilet to inject, far more sociably

My blood glucose levels are more even and well below 8.0 Mmol most of the
time.  If I do have a high I can get it under control in half a day, not two
or three as before the pump.  If there is a blip I know exactly what caused
it. I am in control of my diabetes now, not the other way around.

I now take less insulin, down by 38%, and feel generally more healthy and
alive, instead of sluggish or tired, and I am more even tempered.

I have a return of awareness of hypos, symptoms around 3.8 - 4.4

Sorry about going into "Waffle Mode" but once I got started on this, I could
not stop. To sum it all up, before the pump I was hitting my numbers 54% of
the time with good HbA1c's. Now I am hitting my numbers 87% of the time, my
last HbA1c was 6.4%. I also spent three days recently on the Gluco Sensor,
which proved that for those three days, I was hitting my numbers 93% of the
time. My target numbers are between 4.0 Mmol & 11.0 Mmol.

The pump certainly smooths out peaks and troughs.

I feel I've just written a book! so I'm going to stop now, but if you want
to discuss this further ,you are welcome to phone me on 01425 629773

John Davis

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