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Re: [IPk] 508 remote, pump funding

On Thu, 04 May 2000, you wrote:
>Glad to have alleviated your fears about the remote. I would certainly
>recommend a 508 when you get your new pump - not that I have ever tried
>anything else, but as far as I know it's the only one with a remote, an
>indispensable piece of kit for anyone who, like you and me, keeps the pump
>in places other beers normally can't reach :-)

Oh I definitely want a 508 if I can.
I was just kind of curious about the remote.
That's a b*****er about your funding. Is there any way you can switch
doctors so that you come under Barnet? Or is it simply a matter of where
you live rather than the clinic you attend?
I'm in an odd situation as far as that goes. I'm living in Sheffield,under
the Manchester Diabetes Centre for my diabetes, Sheffield Eye Hospital for
my eyes and a Sheffield GP. Manchester will still fund my pump
consumablesbut not a new pump, though they would like Sheffield to take
over the consumables funding. My Gp is happy to fund the consumables and a
new pump, if he's allowed to. He's referred me to the Sheffield Diabetes
Centre in order to apply for the funding. It's all getting very confusing.
sp I don't know what the outcome will be. I may have to switch my diabetes
care from Manchester to Sheffield, which I'd rather not unless I have to as
I have such a great doctor in Manchester. Whatever happens though, I should
at least continue to get my consumables funded by someone, which is the most
important thing. If I have to buy a new pump myself, then so be it - I'll
rob a bank :-)

>PS I tried Humalog on the car and nothing happened. I'm wondering what
>happens if I run the pump on unleaded petrol rather than Humalog? Now if
>*that* works, perhaps I might get my consumables funded by the oil

Then again, if Humalog worked on the car, the insulin manufacturers would be
laughing all the way to the bank, and wouldn't mind paying for our pumps as
well as our consumables :-)
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