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[IPk] 508 remote, pump funding


Glad to have alleviated your fears about the remote. I would certainly
recommend a 508 when you get your new pump - not that I have ever tried
anything else, but as far as I know it's the only one with a remote, an
indispensable piece of kit for anyone who, like you and me, keeps the pump
in places other beers normally can't reach :-)

Good luck for your funding. I have just been told that Camden & Islington
health authority (in north London) won't fund my consumables, in spite of a
circumstantiated case presented by my GP. They reckon that a hefty  60 per
month they can't afford, but then for instance they fund special cases of
patients on humongously expensive wide-spectrum antibiotics ('s per
month) ... (which I'm not really sure what they do but very likely they
increase the chance of breeding antibiotic-resistant bugs. Perhaps creating
a need for even more expensive antibiotics, sound like a good marketing
strategy to me ...)

  If I lived a few miles up the road my HA would be Barnet, which are known
to fund pump consumables. I think this introduces an element of disparity
based on geographical location. The NHS patient charter clearly states that
everyone is entitled to receive the * same standard of care * from the NHS
irrespective of a whole load of things, age sex etc. etc. etc. Although
"geographical location" is not mentioned amongst the factors that don't
entail differences in treatment standards, I think that the NHS's own
statement could be interpreted to include this by tacit implication.

 So my alternatives are pretty clear: 1) to carry on paying out of my own
pocket; or 2) to build a circumstantiated case for disparity in patient
treatment standards based on geographical location and see what happens; or
3) to sell my flat and move to Barnet, Bournemouth or a few other select
places in this country.

 BTW, as far as I am aware the possibility of GP surgeries funding special
cases directly had something to do with "fund-holding practices", as they
were called, but thanks to an enlightened, well-conceived and
forward-looking health policy I believe these are being/have been phased



PS I tried Humalog on the car and nothing happened. I'm wondering what
happens if I run the pump on unleaded petrol rather than Humalog? Now if
*that* works, perhaps I might get my consumables funded by the oil

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