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Re: [IPk] Weight & Pump usage; Spikes & Pump usage

Hi Audrey

>I went to the clinic yesterday - to again try and persuade them on the pump.
>My basic problem is not by HbA1c, but my range - basically my average is
>fine (6.2%) but my range is too broad!  I have a lot of lows and  quite a
>lot of spikes.  They have advised me to get rid of the lows and the highs
>will go and not to take any extra insulin for a high blood sugar if not
>caused by extra food!  I am willing to try this, though feel a bit
>sceptical, but will try.   Has anyone found that the pump has helped smooth
>out peaks and troughs?

Definitely. I used to be up and down like a yoyo before the pump, although
my HbA1C was a lot higher than yours.
Avoiding the lows might well help with the highs too - I used to get a lot
of highs either as a rebound to the hypos, or in order to prevent them I
would let myself go too high.

  >In addition, I am trying to lose weight -
boy is it a struggle.  Has anyone >found that the pump has made it possible
to lose weight? 

I know the feeling. I was hoping that the pump would help me lose weight
but it hasn't yet. But, there are a lot of other factors in my case. 
You *might* find that exercise is the key to both improving your control
and helping with the weight - although it can be counter-productive in
terms of the control. I find hard exercise makes control a lot harder,
though gentle exercise makes it easier. But my weight problems stem
from having to give up all the sport I used to do, for various reasons. It
ain't easy. 
One thing about the pump though is that it doesn't force you to eat. On the
other hand, you are not restricted so much either, so a lot of it depends
on your attitude to food in that respect.

Good luck with the pump battle.
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