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[IPk] Weight & Pump usage; Spikes & Pump usage

I have been on holiday for 10 days so have been lax about reading my

I went to the clinic yesterday - to again try and persuade them on the pump.
My basic problem is not by HbA1c, but my range - basically my average is
fine (6.2%) but my range is too broad!  I have a lot of lows and  quite a
lot of spikes.  They have advised me to get rid of the lows and the highs
will go and not to take any extra insulin for a high blood sugar if not
caused by extra food!  I am willing to try this, though feel a bit
sceptical, but will try.   Has anyone found that the pump has helped smooth
out peaks and troughs?

In addition, I am trying to lose weight - boy is it a struggle.  Has anyone
found that the pump has made it possible to lose weight?

Any suggestions are very welcome!

Audrey Sheal 


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