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Re: [IPk] 508 remote control

>>How does the Disetronic let you  do it both silently and eyes-free?
>The buttons on the Disetronic pump have a much firmer "crunch", so if you
>put your hand in your pocket to bolus, you are left in no doubt as to how
>many units you've pressed. At least, that is what my Norwegian friend Erik
>Wold told me...

Aha. Makes sense. But I thought the Disetronic bolus was audible. Or can
you turn off the sound? Come to think of it, can you turn off the sound on
the newer MM models?

>The Minimed buttons have a slight tendency to "bounce" sometimes, and
>register 2 presses when you only wanted one. That's why you have to look at
>the pump when dialing up a bolus, or listen for the beeps.

Yes, you definitely need to look. I find I often have to press a button
about 3 times to register once. I'm obviously just too gentle :-)

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