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[IPk] post-exercise spikes

Some of you may remember I posted last week about the problem of huge BG
sopikes after strenuous and prolonged walking.

I spent some more time walking in the Peak  District this weekend, and nd
managed to get my BGs almost spot on throughout, so I thought Id share my
solution with you.

 Previously I had decreased my basal rate by half,
starting about 45 mins. beforehand, and then gone back to normal rates
after I'd finished  (for a 4-5 hour walk involving a lot of climbing). This
resulted in big spikes after about 4 hours. I had wondered about whether
this was due to low insulin levels, but I added food and insulin and it
didn't change anything.

So I tried a different tactic this time. I decreased the rate by half as
before and then *doubled* it after about 2 hours, for the next 2 hours. I
was a bit scared about having a huge hypo alone on a hilltop, but I didn't !

12pm  BG 6. Got on train. Reduced basal rate from 1.1 to 0.5
12.45pm Started walk. 
1.30pm BG 4.4 - 4 glucose tabs.
2pm BG 5.5 
3pm BG 6. Increased basal to 2.0 
4pm BG 7
5.15pm BG 6 FInished walk, returned basal to normal.
6.30pm Got home. BG 5.5

I shall be trying this method out again soon, but it's an interesting
Funny - this kind of activity is the only thing that seems to have this
effect on me. Dancing for an extended period of time doesn't do this, nor
does general walking around all day.

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