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[IPk] The difference a pump makes!

I read with interest all the comments everybody makes about pumping, I have
been on the pump for 10 weeks and my control is really marvellous after
years of very poor control. I have had type1 Diabetes for almost 50 years
and am insulin resistant.  I am very envious when you talk about the amount
of insulin you use each day, I was on 124 units before the pump - 84 units
of actrapid and 40 units of insulatard - so I was quite pleased when my
insulin usage was reduced to 70 units of Humalog on the pump, that was until
I started reading about everybody else's doses.  Even so I am very pleased
with the results I am getting - I feel so much better now that my control is
better -and I have lost some weight, not a lot but I'm still hoping! Good
wishes to you all, Iris

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