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Re: [IPk] BGs while sleeping

> I've got another theory which may sound really weird. 
> For the first few hours of sleep (at night) I need a LOT more insulin
> than I do for the rest of the night and day. So maybe it's the fact of
> going to sleep rather than the actual time of day or night that has
> the effect on my BG. I've noticed if I go to bed late and get up at

I've never heard this mentioned by an adult (or not mentioned). I have 
documented this effect with my daughter Lily. It is very consistent and 
tied very precisely to her sleep time. So much so that she routinely does 
not have basal rate until 1:00 am when she is sure to be asleep. She sets 
a temporary basal rate when she goes to bed that covers her until 1:00
This has been going on since she was dx'd at age 11 but has subsided a 
little in the last year or so (still there, not as big a jump). When we 
discussed this with her endo, he surmised that it might be growth 
hormones kicking in because of her age... He has many pump patients, no 
others report this phenomena to my knowledge as he had not seen it before.

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