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[IPk] BGs while sleeping

> sometimes shoot up. And the doze, when I'm not going to bed, definetly
> wrecks things.

I've found this too. 
On the rare occasion when I doze during the day, it sends my Bg way up high.
I fell asleep yesterday afternoon listening to the radio (after the
previous night of lots of drinking and little sleep followed by a
morning of intense work and a hour in the gym).

My Bg before was 4.5. When I woke up an hour later it was 13.3!
I've got another theory which may sound really weird. 
For the first few hours of sleep (at night) I need a LOT more insulin
than I do for the rest of the night and day. So maybe it's the fact of
going to sleep rather than the actual time of day or night that has
the effect on my BG. I've noticed if I go to bed late and get up at
the normal time, my Bg is higher than normal. That would tie in.
Of course, to validate it properly I would need to become a night owl
and sleep during the day, which I don't particularly want to do right
now. I guess if I am going to bed late I should set an increased temp
basal rate for a couple of hours and see what happens.
has anyone else noticed anything like this?
I have a friend who has discovered her mealtime insulin works exactly
hald as efficiently if she is asleep, so maybe it's not so weird.
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