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Re: [IPk] Enough chat

Just a little technical point here, i think the program Agent from Forte
can be used to manage a list from a users point of view, it sorts the
messages in a tree view and keeps all the messages that are related
together as proper threads rather than most email packages that ignores the
threading concept.

Might be worth people looking at if they are finding the list is getting
too difficult to manage.


At 11:40 29/05/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Administrator hat on again...
>If anyone is having trouble with the quantity of mail, I can thoroughly
>recommmend the digest version of this list. I myself get the digest version
>of the US list, and don't always read it, and sometimes just skim it. You
>get just one big email per day, and can scan rapidly through it looking for
>interesting posts - rather like scanning a page of a newspaper. No need to
>read the whole page: just home in on what you want.

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