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[IPk] Enough chat


You seem to have totally missed the point.

Like you I have gone back over past postings and the incidence of lost
threads is becoming greater, now is the time to do something about it.

I am pleased that you have found the content of the postings beneficial, my
point is, lets keep it that way and not go off at tangents and chat that has
no relevance to the subject heading.

This group is for people to discuss their experiences and problems, which is
why I persuaded the DNS's to join the group, so that we may have a
professional opinion about our problems (cries for help). You have the
luxury of being able to phone Joan Everett if you have a problem and get an
immediate answer, some of the others do not. I felt the DNS's would be a
desirable addition to the group, not only for the help and expertise they
bring but they would be able to answer medical questions that no one on this
list is qualified to answer.

If I was a new, or prospective pumper this is what I would be looking for
from a support group.

You say that you have "used the Internet for some 8-10 years and have seen
many list start and die due to information overload and general wasted

At present this group is working OK, but we have to be aware of the danger
and stop irrelevant chat before it gets too late. I care deeply about this
group and about what it is trying to achieve and I don't want to see it
founder because of information overload. We have the opportunity to nip a
small problem in the bud, lets take it.

John Davis.

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