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Re: [IPk] the wonders of the pump

Di - Congrats!

I had a little excursion last night. Bg has been unusually stable this last
week, despite my erratic eating, sleeping and working habits. That's the
virtue of carb counting rather than carb guessing. I even find I have the
same unopened packet of glucose tablets in my pocket that I had at the
start of the week. And they're falling apart. That has never happened
before. I was always the mild-hypo-a-day man.

What happened last night was that my bg was 5.5 at 8pm when I arrived home
knackered and zonked due to stress and late night working the previous
night. I then dozed in an hour long hot bath. Bg then shot up to 13.5. Ok,
I'd been disconnect for an hour, but things don't move that quickly for me.
Baths do funny things though. Sometimes they make the bg plummet and
sometimes shoot up. And the doze, when I'm not going to bed, definetly
wrecks things.

Anyhow, I took (13.5-5)/2.5 = 2.8 units correction before going to bed,
slept soundly and woke at 6.6. Shucks.


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