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[IPk] the wonders of the pump

Hi folks
Just had to share once again how happy I am to be on the pump.
Last night I went dancing from 7-9pm.
Set a temporary basal of 0.5 for 2 hours as usual. Once I got there
however, I ended up teaching beginners for the first hour and a lot of
standing around. After an hour I knew I would be running
high with such a low basal, so I bolused half a unit and reset the
basal back to normal. 
At the end of the class we decided to go out for a drink or two on the
spur of the moment. I still hadn't eaten anything that evening but was feeling
fine. Got to my friend's house and dumped our stuff, did a blood test
- 5.4. Pretty good! Decided to set another temp. basal rate for
half an hour of half my normal dose, since I didn't know what I would
be drinking and I had a feeling I would be going low otherwise. In the end, we
decided to buy some wine and stay in. Throughout the next 4 hours I
drank at least a bottle of red wine, and ate various bits of food at
random times. I wasn't sure how to handle this so I just bolused every
time I ate a biscuit or whatever. Luckily I had moved my pump to a
more accessible location! Tested at 3am when I got home and my bG was
still 5.4! I couldn't believe it! 
I am constantly amazed at how much guesswork ends up being
absolutely spot on. Either I'm very lucky or I have some kind fo sixth
sense about these things.

And the best bit is I'm not at all hungover today :-)

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