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Re: [IPk] Enough chat

Administrator hat on again...

Firstly, if anyone has any comments or suggestions about how this list is
run, please email privately in the first instance. This business of how on
or off topic posts can be, or are, is something I do keep an eye on. I am
happy with the current balance, but if others aren't it's important that I
know, but this is best done in private.

I think it is beneficial to bring pumpers, doctors and suppliers together
in one forum, as we all have a lot to learn from one another. But a sense
of community is also what keeps a list vibrant. In this context, a small
amount of chat helps bring people together, and helps them be more open
about their diabetes and insulin pump experiences.

If anyone is having trouble with the quantity of mail, I can thoroughly
recommmend the digest version of this list. I myself get the digest version
of the US list, and don't always read it, and sometimes just skim it. You
get just one big email per day, and can scan rapidly through it looking for
interesting posts - rather like scanning a page of a newspaper. No need to
read the whole page: just home in on what you want.

If anyone wants to swap to the digest, email me privately at
jneale@webshowcase.net or write to the main help desk: help@insulin-pumpers.org

John Neale
IP-UK list administrator

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