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[IPk] Enough chat

Hi gang

I am disturbed to find so much irrelevant chat on this forum recently. When
I joined both the US list and this one it was because I was under the
impression that it was a support group for insulin pumpers, this seems not
to be the case.

I feel that if you have a problem regarding the use of an insulin pump, post
it to the list and we try between us to resolve the problem. If however, you
just want to chat, do it on your own private e-mail address and leave this
site free for important messages. I for one do not wish to have to sift
through all the messages, (a lot of which have no relevance to pump
therapy), to reach the ones that are and I can do something about.

If we don't do something about this now, we will lose sight of our
objectives, which are to help each other with problems regarding the use of
insulin pumps. At least that's what I thought the objectives were and why I
persuaded and encouraged DNS's and Doctors to join. But they are busy people
and will not want to spend time sifting through chat to find the cry for
help that they can do something about.

So please, leave this list for relevant postings and chat on your own e-mail

John Davis.

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