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Re: [IPk] email overload

> John N, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask to be taken off the
> forum for the time being. I just can't cope with the amount of
> emails I'm getting a day. You may not beleive it but college work is
> getting pretty demanding right now.
for those of you new to IP-UK, please be advised of the subscription 

email @ redacted
You get all the mail, every single little message etc....

email @ redacted
All the messages are packed into a single document and sent out once 
a day or when the document size exceeds 40,000 characters

email @ redacted
No mail is sent to you at all. You may access all the mail from all 
the lists using your browser (all list members above also have this 
privilege). Go to the main web site at:

click the MEMBERS ONLY button and enter your e-mail address in lower 
case letters as the 'user name' and the work 'pumper' for the 
password. Click to continue. Select the link for the mail archive you 
wish to view. Messages in the archive are update every 20 to 30 

Occasionally new members in 'overload' will have to be reminded of 
these options, they are easy to overlook.
email @ redacted
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for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org