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Re: [IPk] Insurance!?

Them saying they will provide them and seeing any sign of them is a
different matter. I have yet to see a single Silhouetter materialise
after however long it is I'vebeen pumping - at least 6 weeks. And I've
only just got some batteries on Wednesday.

However, Ray assures me some silhouettes are currently winging their
way to the MDC and will be there tomorrow.
meanwhile I have been making do with kind donations from various
people and alternately having to use non-QR SOfsets (agh).

So it's not quite as rosy as it appears, but hopefully will be soon.

P.S. Hope your busking is better than your jokes :-)

> Sounds good, can i get some as well ? I guess not, ah well, just have to
> keep busking to pay for the supplies ;-)
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