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Re: [IPk] Marrage and Houses

John, I don't know if you are agreeing or disagreeing wiht me, (or
neither) but I agree with you <g>.

It's more a criticism of society and inparticular all the stupid
rules, regualtions and red tape. Which in my experience are always
worse in Germany but they're pretty bad here too.
> Marriage used to be chiefly a public rite, in which banns were declared to
> the community. 

But more importantly to seal in the eyes of God what existed in reality. 
not getting into a religious debate here but that's what it was for
for many people. 
Now people don't care about the religious aspect (fair enough, I'm not
sayign they should) and consequently it has become a legal thing
I'm a cynic about marriage in many ways, but in my opinion, because
it's turned into so much more of a legal issue than anythign else, it
doesn't mean anything because it's so easy to get out of again.

I have no idea why we're discussing this anyway (especially as we're
agreeing - I think)
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