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Re: [IPk] Marrage and Houses

>No offence to you and Julia (or anyone else) but it kind of makes a
>mockery of the whole point of marriage when people do it for purely
>financial reasons, doesn't it?

Di - We clocked up 18 visits to assorted German offices before we could be
declared man and wife. I have witnessed at first hand the Germans'
development of bureaucratic procedures to an absurd level.

When you have been through this, you realise that marriage has _nothing_ to
do with love, devotion, companionship and possibly a desire to procreate.
And it has everything to do with the state (or the church) giving you a
jolly good going over. We would only consent to such a thing if their was
something in it for us. There was. A sharing of tax advantages, health
insurance, and cheaper rail cards :-)

Marriage used to be chiefly a public rite, in which banns were declared to
the community. Marriage is now more often a private contract which is
merely sealing in law what already exists in reality: ie the union of two
people who wish to share each other's lives.


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