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Re: [IPk] ER


I videoed ER last night (blackmailed into watching the football) and haven't
watched it yet!  You naughty girl.....:-)

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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 27 May 1999 09:57
Subject: [IPk] ER

>if anyone was watching ER last night instead of some crap football
>team, it was quite interesting. Dr Betnon was working in "the middle
>of nowhere" and faced with a "non-compliant" teenage girl who had
>recently been dxed with Dm. he started off by telling her that "after
>a month she should really have it under control" and giving her the
>usual "if you don't comply you'll end up with kidney and heart failure
>and blindness". Then he discovered she hadn't been able to get any
>insulin or test strips. Next minute he was suggesting an insulin pump
>for her. Long story but it ended up with her agreeing to comply with
>the treatment for a month and if she had done so they would condider
>putting her on an insulin pump (once she had got the idea of how much
>better it would be). Never discovered whether she did comply and get
>her pump!
>it was very interesting though.
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