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[IPk] ER

if anyone was watching ER last night instead of some crap football
team, it was quite interesting. Dr Betnon was working in "the middle
of nowhere" and faced with a "non-compliant" teenage girl who had
recently been dxed with Dm. he started off by telling her that "after
a month she should really have it under control" and giving her the
usual "if you don't comply you'll end up with kidney and heart failure
and blindness". Then he discovered she hadn't been able to get any
insulin or test strips. Next minute he was suggesting an insulin pump
for her. Long story but it ended up with her agreeing to comply with
the treatment for a month and if she had done so they would condider
putting her on an insulin pump (once she had got the idea of how much
better it would be). Never discovered whether she did comply and get
her pump!
it was very interesting though.

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