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[IPk] How long?

>Some of you seem intent on pushing infusion sets to the limit. I would warn
>against pushing too far, you may find that you can leave a set in for a long
>time without ill effects, but this will only be short term, in the long term
>it can be extremely dangerous and you risk:

John D - I feel the reality is that everyone's body responds differently to
having a piece of tubing inserted through the skin and left there...

I know some people who _must_ change every 24 hours, else they completely
lose absorbtion.

I must change every 2 days, else I get a red scar.

Others find 3 or 4 days is safe convenient.

Others regularly go 7 days without any trouble, and have done so for years.
(Velosulin is reputed to keep the infusion site stabler much longer).

Find what works for you, and err on the side of caution. The rules show you
what is good and safe and likely to work for most people most of the time.
But for some even 2 days is too long, and for others 5 days is safe.

John N

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