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[IPk] stopped the development of type 1 Diabetes in mice

Interesting note crossed my screen this morning

From:             "Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor"
<email @ redacted>

Although there is a national study underway to prevent diabetes 1
(http://www-med.stanford.edu/dpt1/) by using insulin to block the
antibodies killing the insulin producing cells, there may be an

Yoon, J. et al. in Science 1999: 284:1183-7
(http://www.sciencemag.org/) has found a single protein which, when
suppressed, stopped the development of type 1 Diabetes in mice.

I know that this is more than you care to know about this protein
called GAD (Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase) but you can be GLAD for the
mice and for the future.

I know, I should give up on humor.

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor
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