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Hi Gang

I am trying to catch up with all the threads that have started since I went
on holiday. Where to start!!!

Stinging Boluses. In my experience this is almost always a sign that the
cannula is not deep enough. I sometime get stinging just after changing a
set, I push it in further and normally get no further trouble.

Some of you seem intent on pushing infusion sets to the limit. I would warn
against pushing too far, you may find that you can leave a set in for a long
time without ill effects, but this will only be short term, in the long term
it can be extremely dangerous and you risk:

Reduced effect of the insulin.
Inflammation of the site.
Risk of infection.
Accumulation of fat at the tip of the infusion set.

The only time I exceed the recommended site duration is if I need to match
up a site change with a cartridge change.

If you start to get dull aches while delivering a bolus, this is a sign that
there is possible inflammation and that you have exceeded the dwelling time
for that site.

I don't want to preach but be warned, the recommended time is just that!

By the way, I have to pay for my sets.

Nathan's dream. (Serious idea, need feedback)

Love it! I felt the same way back in June 1998 when I started on the pump,
there were not as many of us then. Having spoken to a great many diabetic
nurses, doctors and even consultants at the recent BDA conference, I know
that most of them do not really understand diabetes and what it means to
have to live as a diabetic. Jane (she who must be obeyed) and I spent the 3
days in Glasgow trying to convince medical people who are responsible for
thousands of diabetics, that pump therapy works and yes, we do count
carbohydrates. Most of the people we spoke to were very interested and were
prepared to listen, I know that several areas are looking at pump therapy
now! However, to some of them it was like trying to fork water uphill! I was
even told by one DNS that I could achieve the same control by using the
PEN!!! and she is a fully trained pump DNS.

Nat, you mentioned INPUT, what we have done over the last year has been to
form a charity, talked to diabetic clinics, primary care groups, local GP's,
written to MP's, and generally spread the word. We also organised a fund
raising Jazz Concert.  If you would like to telephone me at home on 01425
629773, I will let you have more details. In the meantime I enclose an
attachment about it, which we handed out at the BDA, in it you will see that
we suggest that other Regional Hospitals set up their own INPUT GROUPS, this
can be the only way to go as far as funding is concerned and would have many
spin offs.

Hilary has mentioned that she and I intend to start a newsletter, this will
be targetted to all UK pump users and will feature items on education,
information, user experiences, manufactures updates and much more. We hope
to reach those unfortunates who do not have e-mail.

It seems to me that between John Neale, Steve Sexton, Nathan, Hilary and I,
we can really get something moving at last.

I know you all want to know how I got on counting carbos in Greek. Well I'm
not going to tell you in this message, I will give you a full report
including Bg's, carbos(??) etc. in the near future.

This seems to be a bit a rant, sorry.

John Davis.