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Re: [IPk] Insurance!?

Oh you romantic, I can just see you down on one knee proposing to your
wife, "will you marry me and come live in Genmany with we so I can get my
pump supplies cheaper ;-)"

At 09:26 26/05/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>At 09:03 26/05/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>Run that by me again, your insurance company pays ? How come, who are they,
>>mine dont, can i join your insurance company ?
>Yeah, sure, of course you can join. They are called the Hanseatische
>Krankenkasse. Oh, and you have to be a German resident. ;-)
>I'm self-employed, but my (English) wife (as of 30 Dec 1998) works for
>Freiburg Opera in Germany, and this is the statutory insurance company they
>register her with. So I automatically get cover as well, and all things
>pumpwise are included - no questions asked. It's the law. Pumps and
>I spend half my time in the UK and half in Germany. Ironically, the
>availability of all pump supplies on insurance was one consideration (but
>not the major one honest!) when we were looking at getting married and
>becoming German residents.
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