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[IPk] Insurance!?

At 09:03 26/05/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Run that by me again, your insurance company pays ? How come, who are they,
>mine dont, can i join your insurance company ?

Yeah, sure, of course you can join. They are called the Hanseatische
Krankenkasse. Oh, and you have to be a German resident. ;-)

I'm self-employed, but my (English) wife (as of 30 Dec 1998) works for
Freiburg Opera in Germany, and this is the statutory insurance company they
register her with. So I automatically get cover as well, and all things
pumpwise are included - no questions asked. It's the law. Pumps and

I spend half my time in the UK and half in Germany. Ironically, the
availability of all pump supplies on insurance was one consideration (but
not the major one honest!) when we were looking at getting married and
becoming German residents.


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