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Re: [IPk] Serious idea, need feedback


I don't think that a non-diabetic could truly get the whole 'diabetic' 
experience even while wearing a pump for a few weeks.  You can't recreate 
the feelings of hopelessness that you have sometimes, fear of complications, 
frustration when your bg's are not where you want them....the most you can 
expect is that these people understand the little inconveniences and day to 
day activities involved with wearing a pump.  Inducing hypo and hypers is a 
bit on the extreme side if you think about it (even if I have wished it to 
happen to others so they wouldn't look at me like I was crazy and moody for 
no good reason;).  Would you require doctors and nurses caring for people 
with cancer to try chemotherapy, radiation treatments, induce pain and 
nausea....Yikes!? But you were just joking about all that ...right.

>What I am suggesting is that Minimed/Disetronic may loan a pump for the
>period of say 3 weeks so that the medical people could to there normal life
>having it strapped to them.   It is totally impossible to give a real life
>view by just wearing it for a few days.  If I was going to go on the pump
>and was told that the person training me had used the pump in real life
>(weeks not days) I would have a lot more trust in the person, also it would
>allow the med to understand the physical as well as the psychological
>aspects of pumping.  The psychological aspects are far more important an
>area to watch as "thoughts trigger feelings"

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