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Re: [IPk] How long do you keep it in

> I can hear Rita already, only 3 days max and I'm sure she or John H will
> give you the reasons why.

I'm sure they will :-)
I also tend not to listen to people who make money out of selling
supplies who tell me not to use something more than x times ofr for x
long (no offence anyone).
how many times have you been told not to use a syringe/lancet more
than once?
I'm sure lots of people would also tell me they keep theirs in longer
and haven't died yet <g>. In fact, they already have.

> Also, does anyone find the glue doesnt stick to there skin, i have tried
> using skin prep with still no luck, at the moment I am having to change the
> set ever day or so as it keeps coming unstuck.

I found that with the Sofsets but not with the Silhouettes, since I've
started using Skin Prep under it.

BTW there are apparently different types of Skin Prep - is this the
Smith & Nephew one?

 Have you tried putting an additional
piece of tape over the top, or else underneath (and then isnerting the
Silhouette through it). Works for some people.
I'm guessing this is because you sweat a lot at the gym?
I have also heard of people applying antiperspirant round the *edges*
of the site before they stick the tape down. I'm sure someone will
now tell me how dangerous this is or something (personally I wouldn't
want to try that becuase of irritation problems, but some people find
it works).


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