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Re: [IPk] re: Jersey

What joke, this is for real, have a big sheet with a message on it, would
attract loads of media attention.

I think in future i am going it put [J] when something is a joke, might
stop me getting into so much trouble. ;-)

At 11:24 25/05/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>> Ok, I would recommend that the first pumpers meeting should be in Jersey,
>> we could get loads of press coverage,
>i think that's a great idea Natty! I'll come to Jersey :-)
>Specially if there are nice palces to drink <g>
>> I once had the idea of placing a huge sign on the left and right fields
>> next to the airport runway, something like "INSULIN PUMPING some .....", 
>Sorry, natty, yet again your humour has bypassed me :-)
>P.S. Sorry John N about the subject headings. 
>They don't appera on my screen so I never notice if they're right or
>not. I'll try and remember.
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org