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Re: [IPk] Serious idea, need feedback

What I am suggesting is that Minimed/Disetronic may loan a pump for the
period of say 3 weeks so that the medical people could to there normal life
having it strapped to them.   It is totally impossible to give a real life
view by just wearing it for a few days.  If I was going to go on the pump
and was told that the person training me had used the pump in real life
(weeks not days) I would have a lot more trust in the person, also it would
allow the med to understand the physical as well as the psychological
aspects of pumping.  The psychological aspects are far more important an
area to watch as "thoughts trigger feelings" and it would very easy for a
patient to become negative rather than positive.

I sort of agree with the idea of a conference type idea but at the end of
the day Rita and Joan were in Jersey for 2 days and then they left.  Whilst
this was fine, a diabetic then has to cope with the everyday issues
(Rita/Joan are great and I only have praise and thanks for all there help)
which I feel is what the med should experience for themselves, it will
never be 100% like being a diabetic because they can always just ignore it
and there body will be ok.  I think they should have to induce hypos and
hypers so they know what its really like, but then again that could just be
my perverse sense of humor ;-)

At 21:01 24/05/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello Everyone,
>In response to medical professionals wearing pumps to see what it's 
>like...All of the MD's, nurse educators, nutritionists and behavioral med 
>(social workers/therapists) people at the Diabetes Center where I live 
>attended a conference for a week or so and were asked to wear a pump for a 
>few days (A few weeks may be a bit much to ask, though it would be useful 
>info for them).  All of the folks who trained me on my pump had worn one 
>themselves for a period of time and at least had a first hand experience to 
>refer to when teaching (which I appreciated). i feel that it's a good idea 
>for those involved with the medical management of pumpers to have that 
>experience.  A conference/workshop type situation would be a good place to 
>implelment this idea.
>>From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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>>To: email @ redacted
>>Subject: Re: [IPk] Serious idea, need feedback
>>Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 14:39:11 +0100 (BST)
>> > pour on the idea is that regarding the wearing of the pump, you may find 
>> > it hard to pin down members of the medical profession, not because =
>> > they're unhelpful (not meaning to offend anyone) but because they are =
>> > usually so stretched and busy. =20
>>Well if they had diabetes they'd find time for it wouldn't they?
>>I don't rate that as a reason.
>>If you want to learn anything, you have to put the time in.
>>But I agree that it will be hard to find people willing to do it.
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