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Re: [IPk] Re:moody

>  i often get moody when i'm high. often get moody when i'm low. 
> maybe i'm just a moody kinda person!!!! i think NOT!
> Eleanor

I get moody when high and can never figure out why at the time. Last
night I went to a friend's birthday party in a Latin club - it was a
beach party - dress code all white, fake tan and sunglasses - and
there were loads of people I knew there etc. etc. Lots of free
cocktails too. Somehow I just couldn't enjoy myself and I couldn't
figure out why. I got more  and more moody as I knew I should be
having a good time and I wasn't, and I felt like I was ruining it for
my friends. When I got home at 2am my Bg was 14. I had remembered to bolus
for the drink as it had fruit juice in and was surprised that I had
miscalculated that badly. Bolused 4 units, had a couple of pieces of
toast since I hadn't eaten anything since luncchtime, This morning I
woke up feeling like **** (and it wasn't the alcohol) and my Bg was
17! Agh. Changed the set, only because I had had it in for 4 days, and
guess what, it was completely bent in 2. It still didn't occur to me
until just now that that was why I was high! It had been higher than
normal yesterday too but I hadn't thought too much of it. In future
I'll take more notice of those unexplained highs (and the feeling
Another lesson learnt!

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