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Re: [IPk] ID cards

Thanks was exactly what I meant, I am not sure about this joke you keep
referring to, I don think I've tried to be funny anywhere ;-)

I think for once I was being serious.  Interesting thing DKA, there I was
lying in intensive care hooked up to all these machines looking like a very
strange thing as the dehydration was so bad that the skin on my face was
falling off and when people came in I was still saying that I was fine just
leave me alone I can cope ;-( 

PS: For the record, if I offended anyone (with my jokes or otherwise) then
I am sorry ;-(

At 11:31 24/05/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Duh. Where did I put my brain cells? 
>(don't answer that)
>Still didn't get the first joke though.
>> Di - I think the nurse meant "see you" as in "see you in the emergency
>> room", not "see you for a check-up". ie you stop taking your insulin to see
>> what happens, because you think you are invincible or whatever, and go into
>> DKA...
>> John
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