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Re: [IPk] wisdom teeth

I've never had my wisdom teeth out although I know plenty of people
who have and they're all still alive :-)
I've been knocked out a few times though (mostly in hospital <g>) and,
again, whilst it's not something I'd recommend for the fun of it, it's
not that bad. Actually I've had vastly differieng experienes. Twice I
had tubes stuck down my throat which is not to be recommended if you
can avoid it (I think they only do that for long operations though) as
you feel like **** afterwards. Once I've vomited badly (pr should that
be "well"?) afterwards,
twice I've slept for about 24 hours afterwards, once I felt absolutely
fine afterwards, once I went into complete shock when I cam eround and
had to be given vast amounts of oxygen and morphine (not to be
recommended either). 
I'm sure you'll be fine anyway. My insulin needs have always shot up
afterwards and stayed high for at least a week - partly from pain and
inactivity but also from the stress it puts on your body.

hope this helps. It was meant to sound encouraging but I'm not sure if
it does! At least you will have someone to hold your hand! I never
did :-(

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